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VW ad doubles South Africa for India

Major vehicle manufacturer VW has used South Africa as a double for India in a new series of spots advertising the Polo car. The adverts feature a driver testing the prowess and strength of the Polo through a series of animal and tribal encounters.

Robin Hood gets the best from UK locations for filming

Robin Hood is riding through far more than the glen for Ridley Scott’s latest epic, an action-packed account of the legend, involving sea landings, castles springing up in the woods of Surrey, and the wrong type of undergrowth. Scott called on Bill Darby, veteran of UK locations, for the film that will open this year’s Cannes Festival.

New Specsavers ad shoots in Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Specsavers has shot its new commercial on a beach in Tayrona National Park in north Colombia. Specs Effect features hundreds of bikini-clad women running though a jungle to a beach where a man sprays himself with deodorant. The women then turn away when the man puts on a hideous pair of glasses to see them properly. The spot parodies the 2006 Lynx commercial Billions.