Written by David Lewis on Apr 23, 2007. Posted in Incentive News

Seoul Film Commission launches programme for on location shooting

As the first film commission in South Korea, Seoul Film Commission launches an incentive program for foreign film productions. The Film Production Cost-Support program, to 100% funded by the city government, can provide a refund of up to 25% on in-city spending, or up to a maximum of $100,000 per project. Feature films, documentaries and television programs over 60 minutes that are shot for at least a week in Seoul are eligible. In the case of international co-productions, the application can also be made through a Korean producer. The refunds will be given in accordance to the expected publicity effect and the economic impact.

The film commission also launched the Location Scouting-Support program providing round-trip airline tickets and accommodation for Seoul location scouting. Foreign productions planning to shoot in Seoul can send up to two people for three nights; directors, assistant directors, producers, cinematographers or location managers of feature films or TV programs are eligible to apply.

Over the last years the Seoul Film Commission had managed to attract productions from Hong Kong and from India for on location shooting.
For further information: Please visit our website: www.seoulfc.or.kr or contact Mark Siegmund, Phone: +82 2 777 7092, Fax: +82 2 777 7097, @: mark@seoulfc.or.kr

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