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Cannes Lions Soiree Partner 2014: Sagafilm

Sagafilm in Iceland has joined The Location Guide as a partner for our Soiree at the Cannes Lions Festival. Sagafilm has a wealth of production experience and has recently worked on features including Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and Tobey Maguire’s Pawn Sacrifice.

The company specialises in all types of production. In 2013, Sagafilm worked on more than 30 major advertising campaigns, assisting brands seeking to take advantage of Iceland’s unique volcanic landscapes.

Sagafilm's current slate includes a series of international feature co-productions and international commercial campaigns, as well as TV shows for the domestic market.

“We hope to expand our network at Cannes Lions, meet new people and get to know great people in the advertising industry,” says Sagafilm’s Árni Björn Helgason.

At Cannes Lions this year, Sagafilm will be promoting the work of Guðjón Jónsson, a prolific Icelandic commercials director who has built an impressive resume over the past ten years.

Iceland is a hugely popular international filming location routinely utilised by the major US studios and also for advertising campaigns from around the world. The country offers great scenery, easy access and generous filming incentives.

To find out more about Sagafilm click here.

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