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Brandplacer.com connects creative projects with product placement opportunities

Brandplacer.com is an online product placement marketplace. The site facilitates introductions between products looking for placements in creative projects around the world, and vice versa.

Brandplacer.com provides a simple product placement solution by facilitating a high-value introduction, benefitting all parties.

If you know of any independent brands, big or small, interested in expanding their story through unique product placement opportunities, Brandplacer.com could be the solution.

If you’re aware of a production with product needs (wardrobe, props, set dressing and so on), Brandplacer.com offers an opportunity to get their brand or production listed on the site. It’s free and takes just minutes!

One of Brandplacer.com's recent product placement success stories:

Pierre David, founder and brand owner of Bluebuck Clothing in London:
“I saw the request on Brandplacer.com from Mad Lane Productions in Queensland requesting a male underwear brand for the lead male actor in their movie Thicker Than Water. I contacted the producer through Brandplacer.com and within days we had made a deal.”

Madeleine Kennedy of Mad Lane Productions in Queensland, and producer of Thicker Than Water:
“The proficiency of Brandplacer.com has resulted in the seamless sourcing of things that I need, in exchange for the product placement the supplier desires in the film which is shooting in Australia.”

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