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Spanish Association of Advertising Producers (APCP) release protocol for filming during the Covid-19 Health Crisis

The action protocols are published by the Association of Spanish Advertising Producers. Any commercial shoot carried out by APCP producers whilst special measures are in place must abide to the framework. An APCP quality hallmark will be applied to productions, and shoots will be audited in person by the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR).

The aim of the protocol is to foster the economic recovery of the advertising film industry, whilst protecting the workers and supporting public health in order to contribute and adapt to the current situation. The protocol will be updated and adapted as new regulation comes into force.

Click here to see the full protocol which covers pre-production to post-production and documentation.

The document details how to conduct “Clean Shoots” which are to be attended by the minimum number of people necessary to carry out the filming for each department. The document covers protocol for the director, direction team, production team, director of photography, camera, grip and electrical department, hair & makeup department, wardrobe department, Art and VFX department, Home and Economist and Food stylists, Sound, scene vehicles an nurse and healthcare services. Essential crew are those physically present on set and should include a maximum of 25 people from the technical crew and ten people from the talent. One person from the agency and one person representing the client are also allowed.

In order to avoid transmission, remote work with be prioritized whenever possible. If and when remote working is not feasible, the protective guidelines recommended by authorities is to be followed. This includes use of protective masks and gloves, regular use of alcohol-based sanitisers, respecting the two metre safety distance and having certificates that state the professional activity to facilitate urban mobility.

Location scouting will be carried out only by the location scout who will resort to remote work as much as possible. Additional safety guidelines means that shoe covers must be worn, interaction with one location representative and taking all photographs potentially needed in order to spend as little time as possible there. The protocol for tech scouts will only allow heads of department to attend the visit, in order to avoid overcrowding.

Permit processing is still suspended for public locations. Filming in private locations is allowed, and parties must reach an agreement and consensus on the number of people and disinfection measures, and the safety distance must be observed at all times. At the time of publishing filming is not permitted in locations that require the use of common spaces (building entrance, staircase or lifts etc.) to access private locations.

Click here to see the full protocol.

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