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Advertorial: The Empire - A Company with Exploration and Nature in the Heart of its Operation

If you're a director and your production needs unique untouched wilderness, then this service company has experience second to none.

The Empire Productions has long been exploring the depths of the Arctic. Initially established in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, 78°N. An archipelago of islands located next to the North Pole, where Polar Bears outnumber humans and glaciers cover 60% of the landmass.

After discovering this immense beauty for themselves they began to develop systems to work and film in these challenging environments, using modified super jeeps, snowmobiles, track machines and expedition vessels they are able to access locations unknown to most people, let alone production companies. And there’s still 5* craft service!

As demand grew The Empire expanded their sights to Iceland, a volcanic, mystical, glaciated land. Giving the perfect contrast to their remote location catalogue.

On their latest TV Doc they were approached to find Arctic Gold. A 70+ crew headed North on 3 ships to a secret location in Svalbard. Using their scientific connections and logistical knowledge they found what they were looking for at the base of a small glacier as a river trickles into a lake.

The Empire services Feature Film, TV Series, Documentary and Commercials and specialises in finding a seamless connection between production and nature. Utilising the best rental houses and services all over Scandinavia, The Empire very much welcomes you to Norway, Iceland, Svalbard and Greenland.

Drop them a line to strike gold too!


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