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WHY MAURITIUS? COVID-19 free since May 2020 40%. Film Incentive on FEATURE FILMS ABOVE & BELOW the LINE with no CAP, 30% Film Rebate on TV COMMERCIALS

Mauritius has introduced a new Film Rebate Incentive - up to 40% for Feature Films, TV-Series, TV Commercials, etc.

Identical Pictures Service Film Production is based on the tropical island of Mauritius. Through the Mauritius Film Rebate, we can offer up to 40% cashback, including the above and below the line costs with no cap.

Identical Pictures has provided extensive production services on numerous feature films (Universal Pictures, Netflix, Global Road Entertainment), drama series (SABC, CANAL PLUS), television shows (BBC, ZDF, ARD), and TV commercials.

Please visit our website: www.identicalpictures.com or write us on:

The Mauritius Film Rebate Scheme is a project of the Economic Development Board (EDB), in association with the Mauritius Film Development Corporation (MFDC). The scheme is open to both local and international filmmakers. The purpose of the Film Rebate Scheme is to stimulate the interest of both local and international filmmakers, encouraging them to shoot in Mauritius, as well as the creation of local jobs.

Eligible projects include:

Feature films, drama series and serials, animation, telenovelas, soaps and sitcoms, production and post-production of games, creative documentaries, television single dramas, factual television, natural history, lifestyle and magazine programs for television, commercials, music videos and dubbing.

Feature Films:
If Mauritian spend is between US$100,000 and US$1m, Rebate is 30%.
If Mauritian spend is over US$1m, Rebate can go up to 40%. TV Series.

Drama and Television Series:
If Mauritian spend is between US$20,000 and US$150,000 per episode, Rebate is 30%.
If Mauritian spend is over US$150,000 per episode, Rebate can go up to 40%.

Commercials and Music Videos: If the Mauritian spend is US$30,000 or more, Rebate will be 30% of Spend.

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