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Riverfront Stages announces sound stage facility expansion

Celebrating 20 years in the business, Los Angeles’ Riverfront Stages Inc (RSI) announced the expansion of their flagship Atwater production complex. The opening of their STAGE 4 facility will support the growing demand for content, providing 9,000 square feet and 25,000 square feet of support warehouse space.


"We planned to leave the warehouse raw for use as mill, storage, or other production support, but unprecedented demand for stage space in the heart of Los Angeles led us to convert a large portion of the building into a soundstage," said Riverfront's VP of Operations, Joseph Mulcrone. . "Since its inception, RSI has been dedicated to providing our clients with the space and resources they need to deliver content in faster, more creative, less expensive ways - and the addition of Stage 4 helps us offer producers even more options for scaling their footprint up or down as their budgets and schedules require."



Opened in 2021, Stage 4 increased the size of the production compound by 7 buildings measuring in at 140,000 square feet comprised of stages, warehouses, offices and a surrounding parking lot of 625 spaces. The additional warehouse will provide space for set construction, set dressing, costumes, props, special effects, transportation, rehearsals, catering, and other production support. Renown standing set provider RSI have added this recent expansion to their a long line of changes since their acquisition of the buildings now known as STAGE 2 which opened in 2015 and Stage 3 in 2015.



"We are proud to offer Stage 4 to the entertainment industry," added Mulcrone, "and are trying to do our part to keep our talented coworkers, colleagues, and friends in Hollywood rather than sending our best and brightest out of State due to a lack of viable turn-key production space."



With the California Senate Bill 144 which passed in 2021, the California Soundstage Film Tax Credit was created, allocating an incentive of USD 150 million to encourage construction, repurposing, and renovation of soundstages across the State. Looking to the future, Mulcrone has every intention of considering the tax credits as an option, hopeful of where it takes them.


Images courtesy of Riverfront Stages Inc


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