Mono Collective

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C D P
Address 141 Evlogi I Hristo Georgievi Boulevard
State (na)
Country Bulgaria
Telephone (359 89) 847 2844
Regions covered Bulgaria
Languages English, Spanish, French, Bulgarian
Trading since 2011

Recent productions

Muratti ft. Peter Argue
Mono Collective (Bulgaria), Belka Strelka (Ukraine),
Director: Dmitriy Maksymenko
Producer: Simeon Tsonchev
Type: Photo shoots
Country: Ukraine
Year: 2011
EU Open for Business
Mono Collective (Bulgaria), ICF Mostra (Belgium),
Director: Jeffrey Vanhoutte
Producer: Simeon Tsonchev, Agnes Burnotte
Type: Photo shoots
Country: Belgium
Year: 2017
Help us #SavePirin
Mono Collective, WWF Bulgaria,
Director: Simeon Tsonchev
Producer: Simeon Tsonchev
Type: TV Commercials
Country: Bulgaria
Year: 2017
Make My Milk ft. Vinnie Jones
Mono Collective (Bulgaria), Blunt Management (UK),
Director: Hamish Brown
Producer: Simeon Tsonchev, Tracy Haggett
Type: Photo shoots
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2012
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