FOCUS talks to Gabriela Teissing of Dazzle Post Production Studios

GabrielaTeissingDazzle, based in Prague Czech Republic, will be exhibiting at FOCUS for the first time. FOCUS caught up with founder & CEO Gabriela Teissing.

Gabriela what brings you and Dazzle post production studio to FOCUS this year?

We are currently very focused on developing our business internationally. Czech Republic, where we are located, is a small market, so international clients are key for our future success. We have spent the last couple of years successfully developing our business in the German market and now we are turning our attention to the UK and beyond.

What are you hoping to get out of the event and what in particular will you be promoting at FOCUS 2018?

We are hoping to meet producers who have live projects with a VFX requirement and who might not have considered working with a VFX studio based in Prague. We will show them that we can offer them the same quality work they would obtain in London, but at a price that reflects the lower overheads we have in Czech Republic. Besides the quality of our work, we are also known for the quality of our service. Prague is only an hour away by plane, in the European time zone, and the team speak fluent English, so it makes communication with European production teams very easy.

Please tell us briefly about Dazzle

Dazzle was established four years ago. I was lucky enough to inherit a full VFX team from a company who had ceased trading, so my team all know each other and their respective skills really well. We are a Nuke-based post-production studio, specialising in complex VFX and 3D offering a full range of skills and services. We do a lot of work in the commercials area for a number of global automotive, FMCG and telecom brands and are now doing an increasing amount of work in TV and cinema.

What productions have you provided post production services for in the past few years?

Our first major film project was working on the last Assassin’s Creed. We are currently simultaneously working on a major TV series from one of the Hollywood Studios for distribution across Latin America and on the biggest VFX movie in Czech history.

What’s your approach to your work?
I don’t divide my life into work and family. There’s only one of me! I try and get fun out of everything I do. This includes family, sport and of course the fantastic VFX studio Dazzle Pictures which I founded. We are proud to work with sophisticated clients around the world on extraordinary projects. We see our future in connecting the world of digital technologies with the amazing VFX work we do.

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