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Filming in Chile

Chile is a treasure trove of locations eagerly awaiting filmmakers who are looking beyond the obvious shooting destinations. Its immense Pacific coastline is ideal for car commercials, delivering high drama and stunning sights.

The Atacama Desert is one of the country’s most popular filming locations and is frequently used for commercial shoots built around human endurance in wilderness parts of the world.

Its infrastructure has improved a lot in recent years and is attracting big film productions alongside commercials. Recent shoots include Long Way Up for Apple TV+.

In 2017, a pilot incentive audiovisual incentive scheme launched, offering a 30% rebate to feature film, and 25% to TV series. The incentive attracted projects including netflix's Distancia De Rescate which doubled Chile for Argentina. The government offers tax credits in the form of cultural donations. This means that local private companies can donate up to 2% of their net profits to productions.

Alongside the tax credits, the government offers a VAT/sales tax (19%) reimbursement.

We needed a European look for the square, and this is something we could find in down- town Santiago. The most important reason was that we needed to have full control of this square for five days, and Santiago was the only place we could find this type of location and have full control.

Gabriel Carratu, Vagabond Films


Precipitation is light in the northern mountains and so the snowline is high. Away from the mountains, the north is a desert. The southern part of the country is rugged and densely forested with a cool, wet changeable climate.

Northern Chile is one of the world's driest regions with temperatures ranging from 17C in July to 28C in March. Central Chile has a Mediterranean climate with warm, rainless summers. The winters are mild and moderately wet.

Southern Chile tends to be wet all year with very changeable weather. On the coast, winters are rarely very cold, but summers are cool and cloudy.

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