Filming in Chile

Chile lacks the profile of some other countries, which is a shame because it’s a treasure trove of locations eagerly awaiting filmmakers who are looking beyond the obvious shooting destinations. Its immense Pacific coastline is ideal for car commercials, delivering high drama and stunning sights.

The sheer variety on offer should be enough to grab the attention of producers and location managers around the world. Lush jungles and rainforests are on offer, while in stark contrast there’s also the Atacama Desert, Andean mountains and active volcanoes.

Chile’s infrastructure has improved a lot in recent years and is attracting big film productions alongside the commercials. They don’t come much bigger than the Bond franchise, which brought Quantum of Solace to the desert.

While the geography may be wild and varied, weather conditions are more stable. In fact, northern Chile is among the driest regions in the world. Crucially, prices undercut much of the competition, which is obviously a big draw for productions from around the world.

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