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Filming in South Carolina

South Carolina recently scored the HBO comedy, Vice Principals. Starring Danny McBridge and Walton Goggins, the series shot in Mount Pleasant and Charleston.

South Carolina offers several filming incentive programmes, including a 25% rebate on employee wages and a 30% rebate on locally-purchased supply costs.

As a filming location, South Carolina has in recent years been overshadowed by its neighbour North Carolina. The northern state has offered a generous 25% tax credit and secured high- profile shoots including Sully: Miracle on the Hudson, Masterminds and The Conjuring 2.

America’s overall production land- scape is shifting because California has boosted the annual fund for its own filming incentive programme.

We are thrilled that the Reckless cast and crew have found a home in Charleston and welcomed it as a main character of the show. The series really highlights all that the city has to offer and showcases the city’s diversity throughout the season.

Duane Parrish, Director, Dpt of Parks, Recreation and Tourism


The climate in South Carolina is humid and sub-tropical. The central parts of the state get the highest summer temperatures, sometimes surpassing 30C.

Columbia, in the north-east, gets average summer temperatures of 27C and average winter lows of 7C. Rainfall is spread throughout the state although the Atlantic coastline tends to be wetter, especially during March.

Snow falls regularly in the mountains, but eastern regions generally get less than an inch a year. From August to October the state is vulnerable to tropical cyclones, while it gets many thunderstorms during the summer months.

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