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On location in Uruguay with Executive Producer Javier Chaibún

Javier has a background in architecture and is passionate about art, landscapes and urbanism. He is currently an Executive Producer for Salado Media in charge of the production services department.

What can you tell me about the region that you cover?

Salado Media covers Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Puerto Rico. We have a big range of locations as we have our offices in all these countries. They offer snow, forests, beaches, mountains, deserts, big cities and little towns. In the case of Uruguay, it is a small country. We have lot of locations not so far one from each other.

What filming locations are most commonly used in Uruguay?

Beaches, cities and countryside.

What are the more unusual locations in Uruguay that our readers would not necessarily associate with the country?

Our cities are very European and we have a dune region that’s very big and beautiful.

What has been your most difficult location assignment to date and why?

Finding Brooklyn-style highway motels. We do not have this very North American style in Uruguay.

What types of production do you work on most often?

Mainly commercials. Recently we worked on a Brava Beer commercial with Canadian production house Sons and Daughters (directed by Tim Hamilton and produced by Rob Allan). We also worked on a LACTA commercial with Brazilian production house Paranoid (directed by Manguinha and produced by Andrezza de Faria.

Are there any particular tips that you would like to share with our audience about filming in Uruguay?

To come into Uruguay you do not need visas. It is one of the best countries in South America in terms of health, security, culture and standards of living.

Which international production companies have you most enjoyed working with in Uruguay over the years?

We have enjoyed working with Spanish companies a lot.

Where is your favourite wrap party venue?

Our favourites wrap parties are at our production house. We have a nice patio with a wood barbecue. We have a bar, music, dance and karaoke.

After a full on location shot what do you do to relax. Where do you find peace and quiet?

With crew all together having a beer and toasting.

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