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DNA Films shooting sci-fi feature Ex Machina on location in Norway

DNA Films is shooting new sci-fi feature Ex Machina partly on location in Norway. Filmmaker Alex Garland's CV includes the scripts for zombie drama 28 Days Later and comic adaptation Dredd, and the production is backed by Universal and Film4.

“They are shooting in Valldal and Sognefjord in western Norway, and we are very pleased to have supported their search for locations!” comments Sigmund Elias Holm of the Western Norway Film Commission.

Ex Machina tells the story of a young computer programmer who must interact with an artificially intelligent entity housed in a robot girl when he wins a competition to spend a weekend with the mysterious CEO of the internet company he works for. Studio filming for the movie will take place at Pinewood near London.

The Norwegian government recently announced plans to commission a report assessing the impact of filming tax credits around the world, which could result in similar incentives being launched in Norway.

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