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Yerba Armiño is out of this world with their new advertising campaign

Uruguayan tea brand Yerba Armiño heads to space shows the lengths that some might go to for a good cup of tea. Starring a tea loving astronaut, the visual piece unites comedic interludes within the drama of travelling to space. Created by Notable, the commercial is directed by Oliver Garland through Dogstar Films.



Whilst tea may not be the first thing to panic about whilst floating through the universe, for Yerba Armiño’s star astronaut, it is quite a drastic thing. Discovering that she is down to her last packet of Yerba tea, she doesn’t know how she can quite manage the two-day journey back to Earth without it. However, saved by the good luck package sent by her mother, she is pleased to see that her favourite tea is front and centre.



"We have seen that even international pieces with big budgets sometimes failed to achieve the effect without showing the people hanging," explained Federico Cetta, Partner and Executive Producer of Dogstar to Shots. "In Uruguay there is no precedent for such a piece. So, we set out to do it with excellence and we are really happy with the results."



From service company Dogstar, the piece fits in with the creations of the talented roster of directors. With 15 years of industry experience, the company highlights the best of the South American region, from landscapes to unbounded creativity. A fixture of Dogstar, Oliver Garland’s signature comedic and outlandish film style creates a multidimensional viewing experience, bringing a fun perspective for those who choose to take him on.


Images courtesy of Dogstar


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