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Forums Looking for a Line producer or Fixer in Mongolia

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  • Hi

    we would like to shoot in Mongolia in mid August 2014. I am looking for a line producer or a fixer to help organise and plan everything.



    Amanda Ellis


    I am fixer from Himalaya Ladakh… but I have contact and my partner
    has been fixer in Mongolia… Please let me know if you are interested
    with our company…

    Dear Mathieu

    I am a Producer with 11 years experience of shooting in Mongolia. I have a great team of fixers etc in Mongolia available mid August for your shoot.

    You can learn more about the shoots that we have arranged from our website – or see some listed below.

    Best wishes



    BBC Natural History Unit, Survival, Bristol, UK – We provided the logistics and expertise to support a 6 week shoot in a very remote location for this stunning new series. Watch this space to gather what animal they managed to capture on red epic cameras.

    Icon Films, Bristol, UK – We are working with Icon on an exciting new series. More about the story to be shot in Mongolia later!

    Seven Network, Australia – We are supporting intrepid film maker Tim Noonan on two of his shoots for his new series the Vanishing.

    IWC Media, UK – Panoramic Journeys worked for months with the Extreme Fishing team to get the best fishing guides and arrangements in place for Robson Green. Tune in during the next season to see what he caught!

    Paula Bronstein – We made the on ground arrangements for world renound stills photographer Paula Bronstein on a recent shoot in Mongolia.

    National Geographic Society – We facilitated for the winner of the Expedition Council of the National Geographic Society Young Explorers Grant – Chris Bashinelli, to film his project Kid Nomad in Mongolia for National Geographic Channel.

    Donkey Communications GMBH, Hamburg and Big Banana Films, South Africa – Our team worked with Rick Matthews to make the Camel Active stills and movie shoot go smoothly.

    Part2Pictures, New York – Serjee worked with many shaman in Mongolia to assist in the research for a new series on Belief.

    Proper Television, Toronto – Panoramic Journeys were the fixers for an exciting episode of “The World’s Worst Cities to Drive” which will be broadcast on Discovery.


    National Geographic, Washington – We assisted National Geographic with the filming of hedgehogs and golden eagles as part of a larger series on predators that will broadcast worldwide in 2013.

    Al Rayyan Productions, Qatar – We arranged the logistics for a Falconry Film partly shot in Mongolia.

    The Asian Food Channel, Singapore – Panoramic Journeys were the fixers for a series inwhich 4 underprivileged teenagers from Mongolia who given an opportunity to be involved in a reality TV show. They were introduced to the world of gastronomy through a visiting celebrity chef.

    Green Bay Media Limited, Cardiff – Panoramic Journeys’ no.1 fixer Esee oversaw the smooth filming of a shoot in the Gobi for a series on deserts. Great stories and amazing footage and aerials will bring the Gobi to life for viewers worldwide.


    Vogue – Leading fashion photographer Timothy Walker and top stylist Kate Phelan dreamt for years about arranging a fashion shoot in Mongolia. We are pleased that when they came across us, they decided to go for it! See the results for yourself in the December issue of Vogue, out now. Read more about behind the scenes on the Vogue Mongolia fashion shoot on our blog.

    Animal Planet/ Icon Films – Extreme angler Jeremy Wade travelled to Mongolia in search of the legendary hucho taimen, as part of the 4th series of River Monsters. Panoramic Journeys joined forces with our friends at Fish Mongolia to provide the logistics for their shoot on the Delger River, Northern Mongolia. The finished programme will be aired in April 2012.

    World Truckers/ Discovery Channel & DragonflyTV – In October 2011 Panoramic Journeys undertook our largest filming project to date, overseeing a team of 54 crew and staff for an episode of World Truckers. The programme documents the trials of teams of truckers, faced with a gruelling challenge of transporting unusual loads across the rugged Mongolian countryside in old Russian ZIL trucks, competing with each other in timed trials. Broadcast scheduled for 2012 – date tbc.

    An Idiot Abroad/ Sky 1 – The second series of this ground-breaking travelogue follows Karl Pilkington as a reluctant traveller thrown in at the deep end of foreign culture, and his sejour in Mongolia was no exception. Panoramic Journeys was on hand to set him up with a nomadic homestay, complete with obligatory intestine feast, and a star-turn in the wrestling tournament at the Naadam Festival in Darhan.


    BBC Natural History – We have been working with the BBC over the past three years on the Human Planet series ( The series focuses on 8 different eco-systems of the world, and how human life is entwined with the landscape in which they survive. Mongolia forms the backdrop for sections within the Grasslands, Mountains and Deserts episodes. Panoramic Journeys worked on several shoots in the central steppe heartland, the Gobi Desert and the Altai Mountains, extending our logistics expertise to more remote areas than ever before. These shoots were some of the most challenging and rewarding film work that we have been involved in.

    National Geographic/Icon Films – In July 2010 we hosted Icon Films ( for the filming of an episode of Wild Things, due to be broadcast on National Geographic Channel in 2011. The programme follows herpetologist Pat Spain in search of the legendary Mongolian Deathworm of the Gobi Desert – an acid-spitting, fire-breathing killer annelid. Pat and his team headed to the remote area of the South Gobi around Gurvantes – digging out eye-witnesses reports, recreating sightings, and linking this controversially mythical creature to more recognised species of land animals such as dinosaurs, snakes and lizards.

    Marco Polo Film – In August 2010 we provided logistical support for this German production company ( as they filmed the aerial exploits of one of our special hot air balloon trips led by balloon pioneers Allie and Phil Dunnington. The Great Mongolian Balloon Adventure will combine with footage from another 6 countries, following the amazing exploits of these 2 pilots who galavant around the globe on their groundbreaking adventures.


    Around the World in 80 Days – Panoramic Journeys teamed up with the BBC this summer in Mongolia, to help film a section of “Around the World in 80 Days”, which sees various stars of the small screen recreating the legendary journey and raising money for Children in Need. Countryfile presenters Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury spent several days in the country, staying with a nomadic family and experiencing the annual Naadam Festival, in which Matt came off rather worse for wear after a bout with a local champion.

    The crew were ably assisted by our guide Esee, driver Nyama, and others, whom many of you will know.

    Horsepower – ITV enlisted our help on a new programme following Martin Clunes on a quest to understand the importance of horses to Mongolia and their enduring legacy on their culture. Filmed in October 2009 in Khustai National Park and in Bayan Ulgii, the show is due to be broadcast in 2010, exact date tbc.


    One LifeLand Rover – We arranged a film shoot and a One Life magazine feature for with John Man, author of ‘Genghis Khaan: Life, Death & Resurrection’. This trip was an exploration of the sacred mountain of Burkhan Khalduun, the purported burial site of Genghis himself. These pieces were used to promote Landrovers G4 Challenge which was planned to take place in 2009, but has unfortunately subsquently been cancelled due to the global economic downturn.


    Adrenaline Junkie – We hosted a film crew from Ginger Productions for this Jack Osbourne Adventure travel series, which was screened on ITV in September 2007. Travelling deep into the remote countryside in Central Mongolia, Jack and fellow “recruits” spent 5 days moving with a nomadic family as they travelled by yak cart from their winter to summer pastures. The shoot culminated with participation in a local Naadam Festival where Jack took on a local wrestling champion.

    Take Me To The Edge – We arranged a film shoot, again with Ginger Productions, with climber Leo Holding and “recruits” who travelled through Bhutan facing various challenges for the cameras. They leaped through a burning arch with pilgrims at Jambay Druk festival, the walked backwards up to the magnificant Taktshang monastery with monks and they embarked on a grueling trek.


    Tatler & Peking to Paris- We arranged a photoshoot for Tatler Magazine with photographer David Crookes. We also arranged an aerial stills shoot of the Peking to Paris vintage car rally.


    Journeys of a Lifetime – We worked with Princess Productions on a shoot with ex-footballer/actor Vinnie Jones as he journeyed north to Lake Khovsgol on a fishing expedition to catch the legendary taimen.


    Long Way Round – We were privileged to work with actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman & the Long Way Round team in 2004 as they travelled through Mongolia on their world motorcycle tour.

    Hi Mathieu,

    We will be pleased to work and provide services for your shoot. We are a sole local dedicated fixing service provider in Mongolia and have extensive network and team to facilitate through out the country. For more details please refer to

    Best regards,

    Hi Mathieu

    Mongolia Film Shoot have just wrapped on a episode for a new US television series and are ready to roll with any shoots anywhere in Mongolia this summer. We are a one-stop-shop and can provide you a line producer, fixers, translators, assistants, vehicles, base-camp and catering all in-house and experienced.

    Drop me an email for more info. We look forward to helping your shoot in Mongolia!


    Hi Mathieu,
    Looks like you are all set, but we are a production company in Kathmandu Nepal- Over 15 yrs of experience and countless shoots for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, HGTV, and European Networks as well. Drop us a line- We can surely help you with Mongolia. Many contacts.
    Email Website

    Austin Shore

    Hi Mathieu

    I am a Field Director base in Hong Kong with extensive experience in Mongolia – for a copy of my CV/Credit list and to discuss your shoot requirements further email:



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