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Forums Seeking California Fixers And Location Managers For Projects

This topic contains 1 reply, has 0 voices, and was last updated by  Kim Leong 5 years, 5 months ago.

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  • Kim Leong

    I would like to connect with fixers and location managers who are based in California. I am working on a feature film project, adventure-mystery in genre, and finishing up the location scouting phase. I am considering California as an option for a general location because of its national parks, deserts, mountains, and beaches. I have viewed the California state film office website for information on permits and additional information on filming in the state, but I am interested in speaking to local fixers and location managers as well on those details.

    You can contact me at to connect with me. My name is Merri. You can find my website at If you contact me, let me know your website and/or IMDB page, so I learn more about your and your work.

    If you have been to the American Film Market conference, I would like to hear more about your experience attending it.

    Update Information:
    For all who respond to this request, we will review everyone’s information (including your website and work). We may email you to follow up, but if not, we may keep you in mind for future projects and communication.

    Thank you!


    With all respect I must say you’ve been requesting lots of information since ever, but never gave a feedback or a simple “thanks”. Like me, all the producers responding to this forum always try to help others by providing solutions. I would like to hear from anyone who have got a single shooting day from any of your multiple requests. Just one!
    Of course I could simple avoid answering you in the future, but maybe someone else read this and may appreciate this invitation to not waist their time, or the TLG guys may help you with some advice of how hard is to us collect information to provide reliable answers to the posts we share.
    Please take this last comment into consideration before posting a new request that you are not willing to give the necessary time for a feedback or just thank.

    Kim Leong

    Daniel Alvarez:

    I apologize for any misunderstanding. I will send you an email response shortly.

    Each fixer or location manager who contacts us will likely be considered for future projects, even if I haven’t responded to them in their preferred time range. I do save my communications and look over and review the websites and previous work of the people who respond to us periodically for current and future projects.

    Regarding my fixer and location requests on Location Guide:

    I organize a number of projects (currently a feature film and short film-web projects). Some of these projects require multiple location searches and sometimes require for a longer period to research and speak with appropriate location managers and fixers to learn who can best fulfill what we need for these projects.

    I believe in doing the job right, being cautious, and taking the time to do so for both. That is why you have seen my requests on location guide and have seen me take the time in researching each person’s work. I weigh the pros and cons for working with them (e.g., budget costs, what they can do, what they can’t do, are they flexible, are there others in the area who are competitive, etc) and sometimes wait before I contact them. Waiting is sometimes the best way to make sure there is little room for mistakes and that I partner with the best person and company. Producing and organizing these projects, as you know, can take a significant investment, so I take that seriously and believe in taking the time to make sure I work with and connect with the best people for what I need.

    This current post was for me to “connect with” fixers in California and learn more about their services. This is so I can consider California for the film and for a smaller travel series.

    I hope this clears any misunderstanding.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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