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Forums Seeking Locations That Offer Foreign Films Easier Permit Requirements

This topic contains 21 replies, has 0 voices, and was last updated by  Kim Leong 6 years, 6 months ago.

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  • Kim Leong

    We are shooting a trilogy of adventure films within the next seven years that requires us to film outside of the USA. The first film will start filming next month. Even though we have a USA location for the first film, we are open to including a secondary location in that same film that is abroad.

    Which countries have simpler requirements for us to film there, VISA Requirements, and also overall simpler process to get the permissions needed to film? We will hire many of the local talent and crew members as well.

    To view the film we are producing, please visit the following website:

    Our email contact is

    Dear Merri,
    I’ve already answered to your Email.
    Hope to be hearing from you soon.
    Best wishes,

    Hello Merry ,

    have you consider to shoot in Morocco ? . We do deliver easy permit and shooting authorization no need to struggle about it , And Also Morocco has one of the most outstanding location on our planet earth .
    Please get in touch with us and we will provide you with tons of information you will need for your forthcoming projects and also we can share with you some location pictures that it may suit your needs

    hello merry ,
    hope you have consider INDIA as well , we have here largest film industry .with the beautiful locations and wonderful crew ,Our credo is to craft outstanding films with great production values. combining hard work and adaptability,
    our company deliver exceptional results at a great value. We’ve earned a reputation for being accountable, transparent .
    we are here to handle every aspect of your filmmaking
    please brief me more about your project it will be our pleasure to work with you here .

    dharmendra singh
    +91 9833084766
    Skype – dharmendra1232
    mail me –

    Ann Hernandez

    Hello. My name is Berthold Meltz. I have been a Location Scout in Puerto Rico for the past 31 years. We have the only rainforest in the US jurisdiction. Puerto Rico’s Government offersa tax credit of 40% on every production over $100,000 US Dollars. We deal in US Dollars. You don’t need a passport to get to Puerto Rico. Major US airlines flight to PR, as well as carrier companies.We have the latest in camera rental (film-digital), lighting, grip, cranes and dollies. Our crews are very well experience. Secondary actors as well as exrtas speak english. If you want more information, please contact me at, 1+787-649-3790, or at Attached please find four photos of Puerto Rico’s rainforest. Please send me your email for further locations photos as well as other locations details. Regards.

    Chad Gray

    Dear Merri

    I have forwarded my email to you and look forward
    to hearing from you at your soonest convenience.

    Best regards,

    Eugene Zykov
    President & Founder
    Russian Film Commission — Film-Media
    Moscow Russia
    Tel/Fax: +7(495)686 1888 Cell: +7 (905) 545 34 14
    Skype: ezykov

    John Rueda

    Hello Merri.

    have you got my email?

    Thank you,

    Julia Muelas


    We would suggest Georgia as a location for your project. You need NO Visa to get there and NO special permissions to shoot Outdoor. For the locations and more assistance please contact us at:


    London Moore

    Hello l would suggest you Turkey

    Farhad Hasan

    Hello Henry we are Memoria + Cultura and we work on Dominican Republic and Haiti, and incredible island with the highest mountains in the caribbean and exotic and virgen beaches.

    At dominican Republic we have a cinema law with very important incentives for the foreigner productions at the country.

    If you need more info please e-mail us
    Best regards

    Farhad Hasan

    Hello Henry we are Memoria + Cultura and we work on Dominican Republic and Haiti, and incredible island with the highest mountains in the caribbean and exotic and virgen beaches.

    At dominican Republic we have a cinema law with very important incentives for the foreigner productions at the country.

    If you need more info please e-mail us
    Best regards

    For a country with several different looks of locations / people except Snow.This gives you choices that range from the coastal feel to the desert,the mountains,the forests to the lakes , tea/coffee hills and bushes,and the old colonial buildings, to the modern city of nairobi.(The New york of east Africa)

    Permissions or permits take reasonable periods and not more than two weeks…

    Thats Kenya!!

    Tony Rimwah

    I Suggest 3 countries. depend on your requirement.

    1. Mauritius – but dosnot have much great local technicians-
    but Visa on arrival , easy shooting permission from one window clearence, 30% cash back on your film budget , includes ,cast, crew Airticket, local expenses.

    lOCAION – Beaches n Island , Port louise is the main city.

    2. Bangkok – Absoulutly smooth operations – Visas on arrival , permits in 4 working days.
    Great teacnicians n talent support, reasonable location and TBL cost
    Locations- Every thing

    3. Malayasia- Absoulutly smooth operations – Visas in a week time , permits in 10 working days.
    Great teacnicians n talent support, reasonable cost fpr location and TBL .
    Locations- Every thing

    pl feel free to write if need any more information about following above..
    sandeep d s
    +91 9867592492


    I can suggest shooting in Lithuania – you would need no Visas and exterior shooting permits can be acquired very easily within 3-5 days.
    Lithuania is a film-friendly country and you can find here a variety of different locations.
    My company has experience of over 20 years in producing films, TV commercials and documentaries for local and international crews.
    We have a very professional team, high quality technical equipment, a big local talent pool and our own casting database. Many people here speak English so there would be barely any language-related problems.
    You can find more information here:

    If interested – contact me at
    Or call at 0037065635612 and I can provide you with more information on shooting in Lithuania.

    Milda Vaiciunaite

    Carlos Silva

    What about Spain?

    Lately, Game of Thrones, Exodus, Startwars, night & day and many, many others.

    If you need any info about the country, film incentives, possible locations, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)

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