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Zoom Film and TV shoots dramatic New Zealand aerials for Yamaha motorcycle spot

Brisbane-based Zoom Film and Television has taken to the skies over Queenstown in New Zealand for a new motorcycle spot. Reunion shows a group of motorcyclists taking the new Yamaha WR450F out for a ride on the hills around the South Island resort town.

“The film is designed not just to promote the WR450F but also to make people want to get out in the great outdoors and ride,” says Yamaha’s Brand Development Manager Peter Payne.

“We just provide the logistics for Mark (Toia, the director) to work with – he does the rest," Payne adds: "The result is absolutely world-class. His ads have become industry standards to such an extent that we hear this common request: ‘I want an ad like the Yamaha one!’”

Aerial footage was filmed by Alfie Speight, a hugely experienced pilot with Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters. He flew a Eurocopter Squirrel helicopter fitted with the stabilised Shotover Camera System.

Client: Yamaha Motor Australia
Production Company: Zoom Film and TV, Brisbane
Aerials: Alfie Speight (with Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters)
Director: Mark Toia


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