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Chinese movie Hollywood Adventures films on location in Southern California

New Chinese movie Hollywood Adventures has become the largest Chinese-language film to shoot on location in Southern California. The production features three Chinese stars but has a US director and co-stars, and is mostly being crewed by Americans.

Hollywood Adventures is coming to the end of a 40-day California shoot and will also spend about a week filming in Beijing, the LA Times reports.

“This will be a great demonstration to the people in China who run the film business that there is a huge technical difference between what has been accomplished in China so far, and the world standard that Hollywood has set technically,” said attorney Matt Galsor, who runs the entertainment division of Los Angeles law firm Greenberg Glusker.

“They want to make Chinese films that look like Hollywood films, but that are culturally specific with that part of the world.”

Filmmaker Justin Lin and Beijing-based media mogul Bruno Wu are producers on Hollywood Adventures through their joint venture Perfect Storm Entertainment. Lin is perhaps most famous for directing three movies in the Fast & Furious franchise.

Wu told the LA Times: “Chinese movie investors are now thinking about going global. In the meantime, you see Hollywood trying to form better collaboration with Chinese players. This is really a golden moment for a company like ours.”

Earlier this year China Film Group picked upcoming fantasy movies Seventh Son and Warcraft as its first Hollywood productions and as a country China is developing several major studio facilities with close ties to the US and UK film industries.

Hollywood studios are becoming more active than ever before - through movies such as Transformers: Age of Extinction - in attempting to access the lucrative Chinese market by making co-production agreements and filming scenes in the country. China has a strict annual quota for international film releases, but Hollywood movies continue to play a major role in sustaining the Chinese industry.

(Transformers image: Michael Bay/Paramount Pictures)


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