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Pepsi Japan films on location in northern Finland for new Christmas spot

Christmas came to northern Finland early this year when Pepsi Japan shot its Christmas commercial at the Oulu market square with production company TFC Japan. Locations in Norway, Denmark and the Baltic countries were considered, as well as other Finnish locations.

Anna Veijola was the spot’s Production Manager for Woodpecker Film: “Oulu was picked as the location since the market square and its surroundings seemed most suitable for our needs. The beautiful façade of the market hall and the atmosphere matched the mood of the commercial.”

The beautiful façade of the market hall and the atmosphere matched the mood of the commercial.

Anna Veijola, Production Manager

Ilkka Mukkala, of Locationhouse, was scout and Location Manager for the shoot and describes the market square as a practical location: “The market square is right in front of the market hall, which made it possible to build the skate rink and the Christmas tree so that the hall is visible in the background - this was also vital for deciding the location. Also, the old, well-kept buildings around the square were a good thing for us.”

The collaboration with local companies and professionals, as well as the North Finland Film Commission, gets good grades from both Veijola and Mukkala.

Client: Pepsi Japan
Production Company: TFC Japan
Location Manager: Ilkka Mukkala (Locationhouse)
Production Service Company: Woodpecker Film, Helsinki
Production Manager: Anna Veijola
Director: Kazuma Yamamoto

(Image courtesy of Maija Laine/NFFC)


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