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Bristol Film Office launches local movie maps to boost film tourism

Bristol Film Office has launched a series of online movie maps in a bid to boost regional film tourism. The city in the west of England has been used for several high-profile UK TV shows, including Sherlock, Wolf Hall and the controversial teen drama Skins.

Two maps launched today specifically promote Sherlock and also the young adult drama Skins, which ran for seven seasons and filmed mostly in Bristol. Additional maps promote other TV series and films that have shot in the city over the years.

“The Film Office works all year round to support producers using Bristol locations, and by pinpointing key locations from iconic productions we hope to increase Bristol’s sense of pride in its longstanding excellent reputation as a filming destination,” said Natalie Moore of the Bristol Film Office.

“We also hope to boost levels of screen tourism in Bristol, an increasingly popular phenomenon which is shown to generate significant revenue to local economies. We hope that this interactive and fun tool will make it easier for screen enthusiasts to explore Bristol’s famous film and TV locations up close.”

The initial maps are basic in their design and functionality, but could help the city raise its location filming profile.

Bristol Film Office saw an increase last year in the number of filming permits issued. Production spending actually fell in 2014 but the figure still reached GBP 17.5 million.

The Bottle Yard Studios yesterday announced a new partnership with the British Film Commission and the facility will be promoted as the main UK studio in the west of England.

To find out more about the movie maps click here.

(Image: Hartswood Films and BBC One)


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