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Nominations revealed for the 5th annual LMGI Awards

The nominations for the 5th annual LMGI Awards have been revealed, honouring the very best examples of recent work within the locations industry. This year’s winners will be announced during a formal ceremony on April 7th 2018.

LMGI, Location Managers Guild International, Awards, Ceremony, News, Article, Publishing, Writing, Entertainment, Production, IndustryThe Location Managers Guild International is a global organisation dedicated to unifying production practices within the industry for location professionals.

Several of this year’s nominees have had their work featured on The Location Guide’s website, including Tom Howard, Doug Dresser and Robert Foulkes.

The nominations are as follows:


Outstanding Locations in a Period Television Series

The Crown –Pat Karam/LMGI, Robert Bentley/LMGI

The Deuce – Chris George, Pat Weber Sones

Game of Thrones – Robert Boake/LMGI, Matt Jones/LMGI, Pedro Tate Araez/LMGI

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Amanda Foley-Burbank, Jose Guerrero

Stranger Things –Tony Holley/LMGI, Kyle Carey

Taboo – Tom Howard/LMGI


Outstanding Locations in a Contemporary Television Series

Big Little Lies – Gregory Alpert

Black Mirror – Malcolm McCulloch

Fargo Season 3 – Robert Hilton/LMGI

The Handmaid’s Tale – John Musikka, Geoffrey Smither

Ozark – Wes Hagan/LMGI, Kevin Dowling/LMGI


Outstanding Film Commission

Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Film and Entertainment


New Mexico Film Office

Visit Sacramento

Vietnam Cinema Department


Outstanding Locations in a Commercial

Coca Cola – Doug Dresser/LMGI, Stephenson Crossley/LMGI, Charles Furer

Nike: Equality – Jenny Caloca/LMGI, Wilson Wu, Kathy Ruggeri

North Face Ventrix – Beth Melnick/LMGI, Don Baldwin, Cristobal Fleischmann

Richmond Tourism BC – Christian Laub, David Angelski

Volkswagon: Atlas – Charlie Love/LMGI, Jof Hanwright/LMGI, John Hutchinson/LMGI


Outstanding Locations in a Period Film

All the Money in the World – Steve Mortimore, Enrico Latella

American Made – Michael Burmeister/LMGI, Michael Haro/LMGI

Atomic Blonde – Bea Beliczai, Klaus Darrelmann/LMGI

Dunkirk – Ben Piltz, Arnaud Kaiser

Mudbound – Wise Wolfe, Imre Legman

Phantom Thread – Jason Wheeler


Outstanding Locations in a Contemporary Film

Baby Driver – Doug Dresser/LMGI, Kyle Hinshaw/LMGI

The Florida Project – Stacey McGillis

Lady Bird – Michael Smith

Logan – Maria Bierniak/LMGI

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – Robert Foulkes/LMGI

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