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Filming wraps in Ukraine for new spy film Legacy of Lies

 The shoot has wrapped in Ukraine, with production now underway in London. Striking settings for large scale stunts and action sequences were found for the production in Kyiv.

Legacy of Lies follows an ex-MI6 agent who begins to unravel the truth about operations of unknown secret services. He is thrown back into the high-stakes world of espionage to uncover the shocking truth.

Alla Belaya (2.0, Solatium), Kryzysztof Solek (Kick, The Last Witness) and Grant Bradley (The HiveBait) and director Adrian Bol (The CardinalBlindspot) are at the helm of the project. Award-winning producer Mark Foligno (Moon, The Kings Speech) is executive producing.9326a9925dfd63f2ffa56ac3d70ff8e0

Toy Cinema, the exclusive PSN Ukraine Partner was brought on board to accommodate the complex logistics and co-produce the film. Unsurprisingly, the spy thriller was after locations that could accommodate action. Filming took place in some of Kyiv's major landmarks and urban hubs over May and June 2019. MW9A7281

_DSC7053PSN Ukraine’s Dmitry Sukhanov, co-producer on the project, says: “This film called for a lot of action, stunts and interesting settings”. Kiev, Ukraine’s capital city offered all of this as well as access to major city locations._DSC5755

_DSC6044“The versatility of Ukraine’s capital city”, Sukhanov explains, “allowed for us to film at significant transport hubs and working landmarks including the bus station, the main railway station, and in the international airport”.

“We even destroyed a night club a little bit”, he adds “that’s not to mention the street action, jumping off bridges and explosive car crashes”.

MW9A7499In the feature, a UK cast is mixed with local Ukrainian actors, while behind the camera, the crew came consisted of “great specialists from the UK, Sweden the Netherlands, Poland and China”.

Ukraine currently has no filming incentive in place. However, the cost effective nature of working in the country brings many shoots ranging from feature film, high end TV through to TVC’s. Most recently, HBO's Chernobyl carried out some production in Ukraine, and has boosted tourism to the exclusion zone.

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